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Boat Insurance

How Insurance Can Help You Purchase Your New Boat

Boats aren’t precisely the most affordable vehicles. You could end up having to save for a long time to get the money needed for your boat purchase. There’s nothing wrong with saving up for a purchase like that, but you should know that there are alternatives to consider. For instance, you could always take out a loan to purchase your boat. If you can lock in a loan at a reasonable interest rate, there’s no reason to shy away from taking one out. In the state of Missouri, most lenders will require potential buyers first to secure some boat insurance before they’re given the money. Once again, you have no reason to shy away from that deal because it will benefit you in the long run.

Condo Insurance

How Condo Insurance Protects Your Investment

If you’re going to make the most out of your condo investment, you first have to protect it adequately. The best way to do that is by purchasing an insurance plan. Missouri residents should know that condo insurance works a lot like homeowners’ insurance. Condo insurance offers protection against perils such as fires, vandalism, and theft while also giving you liability coverage. With those safeguards in place, you can be confident that you’ll be able to fetch a fair price for your unit if you decide to sell in the future. The Watchdog Insurance Group is here to help all Cottleville, MO residents who want to secure their condominium units. Contact us today so we can find the exact plan you’ll need.

Life Insurance

Why You Need Life Insurance

Losing a family member can be devastating, and the financial hardships that come after this can be just as hard on a family. This is especially true when the family loses its primary earner. Watchdog Insurance Group in Cottleville, MO knows just how to prevent the hardships that come with a death in the family. In Missouri, we offer life insurance that is designed to prevent financial devastation after a loss. To keep life insurance within your budget, avoid policies that promise you guaranteed issuance. These policies are far more expensive than policies that require a medical exam. It's also essential to get life insurance as soon as you can, as the rate goes up as you get older.

Motorcycle Insurance

The Protections Offered by Motorcycle Insurance

Owning a motorcycle can be a lifesaver if you live in a busy city. If you’re running late for work, you can hop on your bike and maneuver your way through traffic faster. Your motorcycle can similarly be helpful if you want to take care of errands quickly or if you want to make it to a store before closing time. Plus, it’s hard to deny that going around town on the back of your motorbike is just tons of fun. Before going hog wild, though, you should take a moment to make sure that you’re adequately protected from unforeseen events. In this scenario, that means purchasing some motorcycle insurance. Don’t worry, because we at the Watchdog Insurance Group are ready to provide the comprehensive plans that Cottleville, MO residents are seeking.

Renters Insurance

Renters Coverage You Should Know About

Many renters believe that they don't need to worry about insurance because their landlord has homeowner's insurance. If you are one of these renters, you should understand that this is a mistake. Sure, your landlord's insurance will cover the structure of the building if tragedy strikes, but what about your personal belongings in your rented Missouri home? If you want to be protected in case of an emergency, you should purchase a renter insurance policy. When you understand what is covered under renter’s insurance, you will wonder why you didn't get it a long time ago.

RV Insurance

RV Coverage Types

Collision Coverage, Comprehenisve COverage, Vacation and Campsite Coverage, Liability Coverage, Full-Timer Coverage...
Purchasing an RV is an excellent investment. If you love to travel, an RV will allow you to travel with the same comforts that you have at home. Also, when you travel in an RV, you won't need to worry about spending money on hotels and restaurants. Whether you are going to stay close to home in Missouri or if you plan to travel the country, and RV will allow you to do so comfortably. The first thing that you should do after you buy your RV is to get RV insurance. There are several things that a comprehensive RV policy will cover and protect you against.

Umbrella Insurance

What Is Umbrella Insurance?

Think of umbrella insurance as the kind of insurance plan that will help you out of a challenging predicament. Missouri residents can consider it as a form of backup insurance. For instance, we all know that a car accident can be costly. Paying for the damage you caused to another vehicle may already test the limits of your existing policy. Now imagine if your car also damaged a nearby property during the accident. There’s a pretty good chance that your auto insurance policy won’t be able to pay for everything. All of a sudden, you’re staring at high expenses with no easy way to pay for all of them. That is where your umbrella policy can kick in. Umbrella insurance can take over when your other policies have been exhausted already. Instead of paying out of pocket for the expenses, your umbrella policy can take care of them for you. Umbrella policies can also prove helpful if your homeowner’s and boat insurance plans prove insufficient.

Missouri residents don’t have to look far in search of a reputable umbrella insurance provider. All Cottleville, MO residents interested in purchasing the kind of policy you need, you can talk to us at the Watchdog Insurance Group and quickly find the ideal plan. Go ahead and book an appointment today to see what policies we have available.


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